Salt and Peppers

Salt and Pepper Shakers

We have an amazing range of Salt & Pepper shakers for collectors or for novelty and practical use!

Combine your passion for love with you passion for food with the range of Mwah! Magnetic Salt & Pepper shakers. These gorgeous smooching shakers will ensure your food is flavoured with fondness, and will create an atmosphere of love in the kitchen. Spice up your cooking space as all creatures great and small express their feelings for their other half. The Mwah! range makes for a fantastic engagement and/or wedding present, or a cute gift for the other half in your life or even for yourself! With a multitude of magnetic mates to choose from, these kissing companions attract and stick together like two peas in a pod. And with a variety of canine kissers, feline friends, piggy pals and more, you won't be stuck for flavour!